The first real week

MTC Branch

My MTC Branch in front of the Provo Temple

Things I appreciate more than I ever have:


Elder [Jared] Blatter’s parting advice when he left the MTC was “Live for gym time” and that is ridiculously true. There is nothing more amazing in the day than forgetting everything for an hour and playing sports and laughing. There’s such an atmosphere of love here too. Yesterday I played volleyball with a bunch of Polynesian elders who were way good but they still would intentionally put it in my direction so I could participate. And I managed to do alright. Not keeping score helps a lot.


There is no better feeling than running like crazy and getting all of your stress out. Highly recommend. I totally crave it now, even if I just get a few laps. It’s a huge blessing when I can because we have to do an exchange since my comp can’t keep up (she’s pretty short).

The Temple

I’ve always appreciated this but it’s truly a miracle to be there. And because we’re in the international branch (for practice with ESL) we get to go to someone’s live endowment nearly every week.

Sister Makowa's Endowment

After Sister Makowa’s endowment session


These are basically the only food portable enough to sneak out of the cafeteria, so I have a stockpile in my room and bag and eat them constantly.

Testimony born in English

It’s amazing the power of testimony that is communicated even when my teacher is saying things I can’t understand. But yesterday we got to do a progress interview in English, which was the first time I heard her speak it. (Her voice sounds way different!) She is so so strong.  I love it.  I love her so much.

Cleaning things

I am hyperorganized here and it’s the only way I can survive. I freak out when anything is out of place. Who knew.


Our classroom in the MTC

Doing service

Just like gym, doing service assignments is a great way to de-stress. And yesterday I had the best day every (seriously it was continuous fountain of joy all day) because we got to CLEAN THE WINDOWS ON THE 5TH FLOOR. Guess who got to stare at Y mountain for an hour. hriwoghriwohriwohg. If you live in Provo please go outside and look at it because it is pure green.  And the birds were singing! The world is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Y Mountain


This is what I want to focus on today though I don’t have much time left. The MTC is a ton of hard work, and you mature years in days it feels like. It’s wonderful though. “I Need Thee Every Hour” has kind of replaced “Lead Kindly Light” as my theme song.

I received answers before but I don’t think I ever really expected them.  We get answers when we pray. Direct, clear answers.  Prayer is the peace that we’re searching for.  Sincere—meaning every word, with real intent—committed to act on answers.

Alma 17:13

And it came to pass when they had arrived in the borders of the land of the Lamanites, that they separated themselves and departed one from another, trusting in the Lord that they should meet again at the close of their harvest; for they supposed that great was the work which they had undertaken.

D&C 9:7

Behold, you have not understood; you have supposed that I would give it unto you, when you took no thought save it was to ask me.


The language is really cool. I wish I had more time to talk about it. I love it though and it’s coming along great. I’ve already taught five lessons totally in Mongolian so I guess it would have to be. Also we tried this dried milk candy and I was the only one who liked it. Can’t type in Cyrillic here but (aarohlth)

Love you lots!!!! Thanks for your continued emails!!!

P.S. Got to see Elder Blatter lots before he left for the field. Crazy to think that will be me at some point. I hope I can run into the other Elders from our stake!


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