Rollercoaster Crayons

Sister Harmon’s mom sent us colouring books and some “rollercoaster crayons” which are basically just normal and Crayola wants to sound cooler.

This is a ridiculous picture but oh well.

This is a ridiculous picture but oh well.

Rollercoaster is a pretty good way to describe the week though. Sister Harmon is feeling really poorly so that’s been hard and a lot of class has been missed and/or weird because of that. Sister Hawkins and Elder Lamb and I have gotten to really bond with our teachers so that’s nice. We’re done with rabies shots but we’re still teaching at ELC at BYU (really nerve wracking!) so all in all we’ll have left the MTC like 10 times (and sister Harmon even more).

It’s Sister Hawkins’ birthday today and we were at the hospital so I got to buy her a huge cinnamon roll pancake that we pretended was cake and split and it was AMAZING.

Jenny Oaks Baker the famous violinist (and Elder Dallin H. Oaks’ daughter) spoke to use in the MTC devotional and before that WE SAT NEXT TO HER at dinner but we didn’t know!!!! She’s super nice and I reeeeeaaaaaaaally want to learn “Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” on the violin now…

We’re getting a lot better at teaching to the people instead of just teaching the lessons. It’s nice to have a bit more grammar and be able to make complex sentences. I hope you all appreciate being able to use more than one verb in a sentence : P

We also had TRC (Training Resource Center) which means we were teaching real people! We taught some RMs and they were super fun to talk to and then we taught a recent convert that is actually Mongolian. She spoke SO SOFTLY though so I often didn’t have a clue what she was saying and just had to keep on teaching and not respond haha. There’s a Mongolian sister here (finally! she couldn’t get her visa) in our branch and she says we speak really clearly!!!! So that’s reassuring.

Favorite Sister

This is one of my favourite sisters ever! She lives in Ecuador and was a solo sister, so we hung out and talked in Spanish. I really want to go visit her someday! Her name is Hermana Ayala. She’s so sweet and wonderful.

Our building is the greatest because we have all the English learners from all over the world on our floor (advanced English and Mongolian) and then above is beginning English and the top is tiny languages (Indonesian, Finnish, Armenian, Lithuanian, etc.) so everyone is fascinating to talk to. It’s just tough because the ones on our floor leave in 2 weeks!  We keep making new friends and then they’re gone. On the plus side I have a free place to stay on nearly every continnent now… Still working on Australia and Antarctica :PPPP

Elder Hedlund

I saw Elder Adam Hedelund!

It also rained and it was glorious!!!!!!!! I ran outside in it during gym time.

Anyway please ask questions because I’m struggling to write a bit even though it feels like so much has happened…I don’t have my planner with me either so I’m just trying to remember.

I’ve focused a lot this week on humility and being teachable enough to learn from every situation you’re in. Everyone has something to offer and if you’re feeling content in where you’re at you’re just missing opportunities for growth. It’s so important to open your mind and soften your heart and just hear people out and try new things. I know if you seek to really apply in your life the lessons you learn this week you’ll learn so much about yourself.

I love you all!!!!


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