I graduated!

We Graduated I am officially certified to teach English as a second language! Not going to lie, it was pretty weird holding a diploma from BYU already. Okay, it was a teaching certificate but it looks the same. That’s going to feel so good when it actually happens. English Class We taught our class again and had a lot of fun.. it went really well this time. This one girl Fio (Fiorella) is so sassy. I love it. She’s the redheaded Argentinian in the picture [above]. We did an activity where students had to go to different parts of the room when they agreed or disagreed with a statement. The sentence was “Puppies are cute!” and the whole class eagerly went to Strongly Agree and she dramatically marched to Strongly Disagree. Apparently dogs aren’t really a good thing in Argentina… Teaching ESL Sister Harmon is still having a million tests… the good news is it’s helping her increase her medical vocabulary since she’ll be teaching at the medical school in Mongolia!! Please keep praying! Sister Harmon Happy My English class is……..Montessori Kindergarten!!! HOW COOL IS THAT. I taught a Korean sister how to French braid last night which was fun. I actually think trying to communicate across a language barrier is pretty fun. Temple 8 I’ve gone to the temple 3 times now for endowments and once to do sealings! Sealings are really happy because I got to be a kid and help them be with their family forever! One of the times I got to go with a missionary who lives in Mongolia and is going to serve in the US. The don’t have a temple in Mongolia yet, so it was her very first time inside! She loved it!

Sister Sanjaa (from Mongolia) before leaving the MTC

Sister Sanjaa (from Mongolia) before leaving the MTC

I’ve taught too many lessons to count! I teach at least one lesson every day, often two, and sometimes as many as 5! I have two investigators and both of them have a date set to get baptised! We are just making sure they’re following all the commandments so they’re ready to make the promises we make at baptism. Temple 2 As for Mongolian, I can teach all five of the missionary lessons, so it’s coming along pretty well :) I’m starting to understand the Book of Mormon too, but just like in English it’s written in old language that is a little more difficult. Learning a language is really fun! It’s kind of hard, but it helps that I’ve learned so many before. Studying 2 Sorry I have so little time. I’ll try to send pics. That was the main news this week… it really flew by; it was weird. Seriously it was all a blur. The weeks are getting faster and I know I’ll be in country before I know it.

Mongolia shirts!

Mongolia shirts!

[additional information about Mongolia from Sister Hawkins below]

I found out this last week how serious not proselytizing in Mongolia is. If someone approaches you and asks you if you are a missionary, you have to say, “No.”  If they ask you what you do, you have to say, “I am a Voluntary English Teacher.”  If they ask any questions about the church, you are not allowed to give them any invitations whatsoever.  If they ask about the church, you have to say, “I go there in my spare time.”  Apparently, a missionary a while back was caught by someone and because of it, all 200 missionaries were sent home/ reassigned.  It is serious.  They cannot know you are a missionary.

We will be in Mongolia in 2 weeks and 5 days.  The first three months are just getting you used to the culture, food, language.  Most of the beginning lessons, you can’t understand a word.  It will be an interesting experience.


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