URGENT: Travel Plans

WE are 95% sure we are leaving tomorrow. Our passports with visas are in Salt Lake, so they’re planning to deliver them tomorrow barring a major natural disaster and we can go to MONGOLIA!!!!!!!!

So excited


A really bad selfie:

Really bad selfie

Sister Norton—our Relief Society Counselor/Branch President’s wife:

Sister Norton

The zone and district leaders. They are so great. Since we don’t have a district I’ve gotten super close to them. I took this picture the moment when they were reacting to Elder Huang saying the name of the Church particularly incorrectly accidentally in his broken English.


Me: I’m just going to send all my pics now because I’m the kind of person who will leave my camera in China.
Sister Tao: I’d like to back you up, but I can’t even deny it.

I’m officially moved in – I have ramen and a computer:

Ramen Computer

Sister Tao’s friends are wonderful and send us—I mean her—loads of glorious Asian food. Last night we took ramen to the cafeteria and filled it with hard boiled eggs, chopped up hotdog, corn, lettuce, Sriracha sauce, etc. Seriously best meal I’ve had in the past 12 weeks.  Sister Tao stole a real fork from the cafeteria accidentally for noodles and didn’t return it for like 10 weeks.

Sister Tao was able to get Family History information for her uncle, brother, and grandpa, and we were able to request the names!!!! Unfortunately we can’t go to the temple before we leave now.

Sister Tao Family Names 2

Everyone who has signed my journal from Brazil has written the name of their country all cool like.

Brazil 1

Cute drawing from my journal in case it gets lost:

Cute drawing 3

Mongolian card!

Mongolian card 2 cropped

This is the driver who drove us to ELC, the hospital, and literally everywhere now 20+ times. WE intimately know his life story now and he’s been a great part of our MTC experience haha. Also he dated my old roommate!

MTC Driver

Gorgeous places to study:

9 Study 59 Study 6

Update: Shanti made it to the Beijing Airport!

Airport in China

Checking in at LAX

At the airport Passport

Second update: Shanti made it safely all the way to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia!

Well, according to de Ruyter family rules I’ve now officially been to 4 countries (although I don’t actually remember going to the bathroom in Mexico but I’m sure I must have).

China had a beautiful airport and I really want to go back someday.

Seeing Mongolia from the air was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. President Benson and his wife are so nice and there kids are ridiculously cute.

I got a referral on the train to SLC so that was fun :)

It feels great to be a missionsary!

My companion doesn’t speak English, so this is going to be an adventure! I’ll write more on Monday!


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