Why my companion is the coolest in the world

She speaks three languages!!!! (Cambodian, Mongolian, and English)

1 Speaks three languages 1

She is ridiculous and always makes me laugh.

2 Ridiculous 1

She eats more than 7 elders combined and is still ridiculously tiny.

3 Tiny 1

She is excessively Asian.

4 Asian 1

She is just as overly dramatic (and tired of waiting for travel plans) as me.

5 Dramatic 1 5 Dramatic 2

She picks really photogenic ways to study the scriptures.

6 Photogenic 1

She puts up with my need to take random selfies.

7 Random Selfies 2

She photobombs with finesse.

8 Photobombs 1

She picks the most gorgeous places to study.

9 Study 1

P.S. This is such a good camera I love it.

An update from Shanti once in Mongolia:

So Sister Tao and I teach at the same tsetserleg (kindergarten/preschool place) which means we will see each other every day of the week for our entire missions. So better than a companion haha. I’m so happy :) We spent all day today as companions because that was the easiest thing to do for English teaching, which means with 4 days between us we took 3 taxis and bought food haha. But it’s great!


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