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My companion is named Sister Altantsetseg and she is from Erdenet (Mongolia). She can understand me when I speak Mongolian. I can understand the general idea of what she’s talking about sometimes. Body language is the best thing ever.  We had an awesome comp study last night and bore our testimonies to each other.  If I am calm I realize I know what she’s said without ever translating things or working it out really. Definitely the gift of interpretation of tongues.


Erdenet, Mongolia

She’s been a member for 13  years and she’s 26. We are living in the very heart of the city and our area is the Cilbe ward. I think I’m actually having to adjust more to the cityness than the Mongolianness of it. Our apartment is really nice apart from the fact that we had to bring all my 5 bags up 3 flights of stairs in one trip so no one would take them. My companion is super tiny and has a bad heart so she couldn’t carry them well either :/ But I survived!

The Mission Home

The Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission Home

It’s a long way from the mission home in Bayanzürkh but we just take “taxis” (literally anyone driving on the street) or buses.

Mongolian Kindergarten

Some Mongolian kindergarteners (not my class)

School started today and if you look at Quinn’s letter they had their opening ceremonies complete with Alvin and the Chipmunks (costumed characters) and a little girl singing and dancing to a song that translated to something along the lines of “it’s September 1st and we can learn, thank you?????”

Letter to Quinn:

I started English today!  The kids are so cute!  And September 1 is a holiday here and the first day of school every year so they have a huge party for the kids to kick off the year and everyone wears their best clothes. Church was a little scary because I understood none of the people who came up to me, but the ward is huge and loving and there are so many cute kids! I love you!!!!!!!!

Sister Tao and I teach together every morning from 8 to noon! We teach 4 year olds and then 5 year olds.

We were the only ones at the Bensons’ (the mission president and his wife) since we came late, but Sisters Hawkins and Lamb came back the next day for training with us.

The kids go to the international school in English and speak very little Mongolian. They’re super cute and one of them said his favourite hobby is cuddling. I think I agree.

I drew a picture from the plane as we landed since my camera died!  Unfortunately yesterday I lost my sketchbook and my journal which I’ve kept since April, which are probably my two most precious things I’ve ever had in my life. So I’m a little upset.

Ack my computer just turned off haha.

I didn’t bear my testimony this week because ward conference.  Next week, though I taught the choir how to say disciple so we could sing “As I Have Loved You” in English. Pretty fun.

What’s surprising is how literal all the signs are!  It’s nice for me though.  Pretty much everything translates to either grocery store, kindergarten, school, store, Korean clothes, Mongolian food, Korean food, or karaoke—karaoke is in English though and they are everywhere.

My baggage and I are fine.

I got two letters from girls camp leaders at the mission home but I don’t know how long they were waiting for me here.

Weather is nice and chilly in a good way in the morning and quite hot in the afternoon with all the people. It’s beautiful though.

Ulaanbaatar at night

Ulaanbaatar at night

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS all the food I’ve eaten so far has been amazing and not unlike something dad would make. I made soup the other day which was good too.

In fact the only food that made me sick was from a really nice American style bistro that the seniors took us out to. I didn’t tell them though haha.


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