With Elder and Sister Hill at a mission conference

With Elder and Sister Hill at a mission conference

I have three minutes andno functional spacebar.

I finally taught! I invited someone to be baptised in my very first lesson and she said yes!!! Way cool! She is so prepared.

English is a struggle and feels more like mass babysitting, but oh well. Theyre super adorable.

I bore my testimony fast Sunday and talked about getting sealed, which was awesome!!!!

More answers to questions:

Taxis are safe enough. We just get out if we feel unsafe, but we take the bus more often. Unfortunately it is slow. I like walking the best.

Our ward is huge, just like at home and the building is pretty nice. It’s one of the ones we own and is a lot like home, though still being constructed at times :)

From an email to the family:

I found my journal which was nothing short of a miracle…… I searched the whole apartment before I left for the day and it wasn’t there. I didn’t remember having it on the bus and decided I must have left it at a restaurant we ate at.

All day I prayed about it…it is the most important thing I have! I just tried to have faith that if the Lord can move mountains, He can move a journal.

When I got home, I opened the door and immediately felt a strong prompting to go look under Sister Altantsetseg’s desk, and it was right there.

I was overjoyed and so grateful. I know that Heavenly Father loves and takes care of His missionaries, even on such a personal level.


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