I am an official faculty member!

Official Faculty 1

Teaching little kids

Hug attack

Every time we leave, the kids attack me in a giant hug. Today they got to me before I stood up, and they tackled me. I couldn’t breathe and had to scream for help from Tao haha. They love English class so much!

Playing ball

This little boy had the biggest smile and was SOOOO cute. WE played volleyball and soccer for like an hour. It’s nice how little you have to be able to communicate with children in words to be able to have fun and show love.

It snowed

It snowed.

I just moved to a new apartment that has no closet so I’m living out of my suitcase… it’s so hard… I have way too much stuff… I got a pair or really nice like heavy duty steel toe boots from a departing sister. They feel like wearing rollerblades because they’re hard but they’re warm. When it get’s cold I’ll have to put fur or something inside. I found a coat at the mission home too…. It’s from china and poor quality but it’ll last me through fall (It’s snowing! :)

Comp being cute 5

Sister Altantsetseg (Golden Flower) and I.  Names here are like Native American names. I love it! For example one of our Investigators is named Wisdom Rays and another Rays of Happiness.

Torching fur

They’re blowtorching the fur off of the goat, which is super fast. It smells like someone who’s really bad at using a straightener.

Making gural 1

I’m making gural (literally flour) which is just flour and water and is used for dough for EVERYTHING – buuz, khuushuur, ooromog, etc.

Kimbab 1

Kimbab. Hopefully you can figure out how to make from pictures. We always make this for church activities and I’m super fast at it now.


It says baynzurkh or joyful heart, the district the mission home is in :)

Converts 3

New converts.

Investigators 5

My investigators!!!!! They have a goal to get sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.


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