Online 30 minutes for real this time

Zone Training


One of the crazy things about having the mission be half Mongolians is that they all are serving in their own country. They aren’t allowed to serve in their own area, but still… This is one of the other missionaries visiting my companion’s family!!!! Super cute.

Other missionaries visiting my companion's family (Sister Golden Flower)

Other missionaries visiting Sister Golden Flower’s family

Yes, she lives in a ger. I’ll probably never be able to communicate with her after 10 days. :/

Why my companion calls me Sister Fly—She says “fly” in English when she means jump. It’s adorable.

Me: *jumps over giant puddle for fun*
Her: Hey, don’t fly okay!
Me: I like flying! *waves arms*


Me: Ow!
Her: What happened!?
Me: I can’t fly…

Scripture Power

Super Shanti


That’s my skirt on the ghost :)

I love you guys!!!!! Sorry I didn’t get to send much today. Life is really great!


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