Decorating for a Halloween party we didn’t go to with new members! Also I’m wearing an orange shirt, not pink.

Halloween decorating 1 Halloween decorating 2

To be fair I wore pink from head to toe on Halloween. But it was for a very good reason.  My kindergarteners are obsessed with ponies so…

Pinkie Pie 2

My companion said my hair basically is Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie 1 Pinkie Pie 3 Pinkie Pie 4

Even the principal dressed up. Working at a kindergarten makes my mission so much more fun.

They just started in the past 3 years or so to dress up at elementary schools and things. The missionaries spread a lot of American customs so members definitely know about them.

Sorry, this is the last week of the baby blasts. I wish I could write more because this week I had my first baptism!


I wish I had a picture with him but my camera died. It doesn’t matter though. I love this work and I’m so blessed to be a part of it.

Church 1

Missionaries gathering after the baptism.

Church 2 Church 3 Church 4

The one girl with my comp and I is Ulzii. She’s Mongolian, but grew up and was converted in Switzerland. She got called to Arizona Gilbert and came back here to see her extended family for the first time since joining. She’s the best member and always comes with us to witness. But it’s pretty funny because she doesn’t know any church words in Mongolian, so she asks me in French or English if she knows it and I have to guess. FRENCH HYMNS ARE SUPER PRETTY BY THE WAY.

Here’s an except from my letter to the mission president because I’m out of time:

Hi President!

What an amazing week! I got to attend my first baptism here in Mongolia. It’s been amazing to see Pujee’s testimony grow. I definitely gained a testimony that this is God’s work, not ours and we have to do it His way. At the beginning I didn’t have much faith he’d gain a testimony because he had so many questions, but little by little his heart softened. But it wasn’t our meetings, it was reading the Book of Mormon diligently every day and praying to repent and be forgiven that helped him gain that reassurance from the Lord. I love this work and feel so privileged to be a part of it.

Also, I’ve finished teaching 41/42 principles, and I’m planning to finish tomorrow before Altantsetseg leaves. She’s an unbeliveably good trainer. I know my language is only where it is because she pushes me to use it 100% of the time and to do things without her help – phone calls, lessons, getting directions, shopping – I still don’t feel super confident in any of these things but she makes me feel like I can. She has taught me so many Christlike attributes. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from her. It’s something I’ll be thankful for every day of my mission…

I set some new goals for the next transfer and I’m looking forward to working hard and improving as a missionary. I think I’m finally beginning to understand a portion of what my purpose really is and how important this work is to Heavenly Father. I told you before that I had a hard time feeling the Spirit but that’s totally changed (I think mostly by improving my studies and my attitude). The Spirit is so essential to every aspect of being a missionary, not just teaching. The Spirit helps me when I don’t know what to do in English class. The Spirit helps me remember how to get places. Heavenly Father truly never deserts us….

Thank you for your care and attention and helping me change my attitude and adjust to life and work here. I really feel now that the choice to come on a mission was the best decision of my life….

(P.S. 42 principles refers to the number of topics in PMG which means I’ve taught every lesson myself!!!)


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