Adventure is out there…

Okay this week was crazy so I think I’m just going to go through each day.


Last P-Day with Golden Flower. I wanted to take her out to city food before she goes back to the hoodoo (countryside) and the only food she likes besides Mongolian was Indian. It was SO good and ridiculously fancy. Wow.

I want their outfits!

I want their outfits!

We also took pictures in Mongolian clothes! Unfortunately the only large clothes were worn by Sister Cleavland (Sister Tao’s trainer) so I had to wear mans clothes. But oh well.


This was my last day with my companion, Sister Altantsetseg (Golden Flower). I was so sad and being a dork and taking a picture of literally everything she did. (“This is the last time you brush your teeth as a missionary, smile!”)

Nice House

We ate food at a member Pujee’s house (see the picture) and when Sister Golden Flower didn’t want to eat her cabbage I told her in sign language that she had ONE DAY left and she ate it super fast. It was pretty funny.

I said goodbye and went to English and when I came back I was temporarily with Sister Bennett. She’s only in the group right before me so we have less than 7 months in the country combined. She was super freaking out but we did just fine and I was excited for the adventure.

I pretty quickly realized just how lucky I was to have had a companion that pushed me to do everything myself (phone calls, teaching records, texts) because Sister Bennet had no idea how to spell or read Romanized Mongolian (how we text) and I took most of the phone calls. It was crazy but fun.

We went to her area, Onor, and I finally got to teach my first lesson in a ger. Selbe is the only area without them. It was amazing to teach a whole family. I came on a mission to help families but thus far I hadn’t taught one. I felt the Spirit so strongly and I know I was helped with my language. I felt “You need to help this family,” but I wondered how I could in just one lesson. I knew it was important though because it was about the Sabbath and they weren’t coming to church.


I was still adventuring with Sister Bennet in the morning. It was fun to speak English for a while but it’s harder to feel like a missionary I think. I decided I hoped to stay with a Mongolian but I wanted a young missionary who had a lot of energy.

At the Church

We went to the testimony meeting for both my mission mom and dad. (I became a complete orphan in one day :c ) I cried a lot and it was hard to say goodbye especially since she lives 6 hours away. This mission is so crazy though. The families were waiting at the bottom of the elevator down from the mission office (in the foyer of the church building).

After that we got transfer info – I’d be staying in Onor. My companion would be Bayrtsestseg, a Mongolian in Sister Bennet’s group. (5 months out!) And we’re WHITEWASHING—we’re taking over the area with no missionaries who were there before to show us where things are. I was so excited. I called my new companion right away and she didn’t even know yet haha.


Sister Bennet took advantage of our last day together trying to pour the whole area book into my head and finding everyone’s house. I got to teach TJ the investigator whom I taught first in Mongolia and almost all the lessons before she moved areas. Now I’ll hopefully see her baptism!

I packed my stuff which was everywhere because I thought I was staying. Mom sent a huge package so I had like 5 random grocery bags and my 3 suitcases to take down five flights. I’m going through stuff this transfer.

I was wearing the wrong shoes and my feet got so cold it hurt. Then I came in and changed the smoke alarm and scraped all the skin off the top of my foot (on the chair) without feeling it. I just looked down and there was blood all over (and skin on the chair). Ack. Lesson learned: stay warm. (P.S. Mom my foot is totally fine now and I have good shoes.)


My companion is the cutest, nicest, happiest person I’ve ever met. I’m going to learn a lot from her about real love and charity. We’re so excited and ready to hit the ground running.

I love you all!

Song for Moms

Previously Shanti sang a duet for her mom in Mongolian with Sister Golden Flower.  You can listen to it here.


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