Bi homlogh baihaar torcon!

(I was born to be a missionary!)

I really feel like that sometimes. This week has been amazing. I’ve felt the Spirit all week long. I wish I could put it into words better. We’ve made a lot of ambitious goals and I’ve really felt the Lord holding me up all week. My foot has been in a lot of pain but there are whole chunks of hours where I forget and can’t feel it. I somehow started understanding everything that people say the moment I stepped into Onor. I’ve been able to run despite my asthma-like cough. I know that there’s a very important work we have to do here and I’m really blessed to be a part of it. I sometimes feel like I could stay on a mission forever if I didn’t love you all so much.

My mission dad is Murat, who was my first District Leader. And it turns out he is from Onor so I got to hear his homecoming talk and see him like every other day haha. This mission is crazy.

I lost my bag on the bus this morning.  I’m not going to find it. It’s nearly impossible. There were upwards of 65 people on that bus probably. We stand on the buses. Someone took it from my shoulder or it fell and I didn’t feel it because we are crammed so close we can hardly breathe. There are about 6098634904309 billion busses in the city. Everyone uses the bus. President told me not to bother with the police because they won’t find it and it will be a lot of time and wasted effort.

I lost literally every one of the 800+ photos I’ve taken since the MTC, about $200, my planner, the bag itself that a member made for me, my camera, and some other things…

No more photos for a while until I get a new camera and take some…

(a few minutes later after deciding to pray about it)

I’ve already seen miracles with this kind of thing. I left my iPad in Orem on a bus and the next day someone knocked on my door with it. I lost my journal here and it turned up at my house. I still don’t understand that one except that I prayed fervently all day that if Heavenly Father could move mountains he could move my journal. He can move my bag too. I think primarily I resigned myself to it being lost because I was late this morning and feel like my disobedience disqualifies me… but if He wants me to have it I’ll find it.

(a few hours later)

Found bag.JPG


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