Toto, I don’t think we’re greenies anymore…

A collection of snippets from several of Shanti’s emails:

Well, I’m officially finished with my training program, passed the three month mark, taught every lesson on my own. And I’ve had a part time greenie to train for 3 weeks! We grow up fast in this mission.

On finding her bag:

Basically? I called the other sisters that live in our house twice and they searched thoroughly (or so they said) so we went to the police station and filed a report. When we finally got home it was there literally immediately inside teh door. When the sisters got home they asked where I found it and I told them and they were super confused. So I guess I never took my bag in the morning? But yeah. I’m not questioning it too much, just being happy. I told Sister Tao the next day and she was like “I TOLD YOU YOU’D FIND IT.  Brandon and I believed and you didn’t. Good thing we had enough faith for it to happen.” :P

On Sister Cheryl Esplin:

She came to Mongolia! And Sister Marriot!!! They’re so awesome! Sister Marriot has an awesome accent.

On her investigators:

I love my investigators so much…. we have four baptisms in the next two weeks and we’re splitting to finish all the lessons…

On her area:

Right now things are going pretty amazingly in my area. Referrals keep dropping into our lap practically ready to jump in the water. It’s crazy. My companion is straight up INFJ though which makes for a pretty interesting team. Trying to outidealist each other when it’s 20 below can be dangerous though haha. It’s really nice being really ambitious with her and having someone with lots of energy and love for people. I worry about her sometimes though because she hasn’t seemed happy and emotion handling is kind of tough on both of us sometimes…still I’m super lucky to be with an abstract companion. I wish she would believe me when I say she’s a good missionary though.

On inviting someone who wasn’t referred to her for the first time:

So we can’t proselyte or wear name tags or talk about the Church while outside because we’re technically English teachers. But we teach one English class at the Church building so rules are a bit more lenient, even though it’s still not supposed to be a Church thing. One 14 year old girl, Nomin, was there at English for the first time. English ended at 1 and at 2 we were having a ward activity so I announced that if anyone wanted to hang around and eat free food and watch a movie they could. Nomin followed me upstairs where I had an investigator lesson planed and asked if she could join. Of course! It was Temples/ Family History and Eternal Marriage and she totally felt the Spirit. I asked her for her info and if we could teach her lessons! I was terrified because I’ve never contacted like that before (it’s all members giving us people who are already interested) but she said yes!!!!!!


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