Thanksgiving and Dutch Christmas


My official companion Sister Bayrtsesteg and I.

Comp 3Comp 6


On Thanksgiving we made dinner and surprised the other girls.

Thanksgiving 4.JPG

Thanksgiving! I think I managed pretty well with:

  1. Not knowing about the date so not doing any special shopping on Monday
  2. Whatever food happened to be left on Thursday
  3. No oven
  4. One hour to cook and eat
  5. 2 semi functional burners
  6. Mongolia

Thanksgiving 3.JPG


Dutch Christmas

Shanti’s family sent her a package with goods to celebrate a Dutch Christmas in Mongolia but it did not arrive in time so she had to improvise.

Filled up boots! (No package, I just bought some candy and apples)

Boots 2.JPG

No chocolate letters so we made rice letters and hutspot.

Rice letters 3Rice letters 2

N (Н) for Nelson (my part time greenie), B (Б) for Bayrtsesteg, O (У) for Overson (STL) and R (Р) for Roo (me).  Sisters Overson and Bayrtsetseg are the STLs (Sister Training Leaders). Then there’s Sister Nelson, the greenie. The STLs have to do splits with every sister in the mission so at least 2 days a week I’m training Sister Nelson.  It’s so much fun.

Stockings 2Christmas tree 2

We also found a Christmas tree outside on the balcony when we moved in and never told them and then set it up as a surprise.

I made an advent calendar with scriptures!


Seriously it’s a Christmas miracle. I don’t know who is stupid enough to export that to a country that’s afraid of mild salsa, but I LOVE THEM FOREVER.


Baptised yesterday!

Baptism 1Baptism 2Tvwshinjargal 3.JPG

The name of the girl who got baptised yesterday is Tvwshinjargal (standard of happiness) and her very first lesson was my first in Mongolia. Then she moved to Onor and I followed right after! The other 14 year old baptism is Narangarab. Now we’re teaching her mom and dad and cousin and they all have baptismal dates.

Comp and Tvwshinjargal 3.JPG


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