Miracles, miracles, and more miracles…

Awesome view.jpg

Awesome view

Stake conference.JPG

Stake Conference in a fancy hotel


Another miracle week. Wow. We’re so blessed in Onor it’s ridiculous. We organized our area book last night and counted and there’s 8 investigators who were found this transfer and have baptismal dates…and all without knocking on doors or street contacting. I’m learning that Heavenly Father truly prepares people and leads them to the truth.

Babies are cute.JPG

Babies are cute!

One miracle story from yesterday

A few weeks ago we were teaching 14 year old Narangarav (just baptised last week) and one of her friends named Horloo walked in her house. We asked if she wanted to sit in the lesson and she said yes. She was really interested and definitely felt the Spirit. She was asking and answering questions more than anyone else…she said at the end of the lesson that she wanted to go too church but she wasn’t sure if her parents would approve or what they’d think. Then yesterday we accidentally sat on the wrong bus. At first we were annoyed at ourselves because we were going to have to walk an extra block to the church, but on the way to the church we ran into Horloo! Her mom was with her and asked if we were missionaries and what church we were from. We pointed and she asked the name. When we told her she recognized it and said she used to go to our church in another building in college! And she was baptised! So we of course got her phone number…I know it was Heavenly Father’s plan for us to get on the wrong bus and find one of His lost sheep…

Kindergarten talent show 4

Kindergarten talent show—I wish the email let me send videos because this dance was SO GOOD


It’s been such a crazy week with two STL exchanges and then we were trying to cram in all the lessons we needed in two days so we went on splits all day both days. It was a really fun experience and I definitely grew a lot having to completely take the lead like that. I only taught two lessons with Bayrtsetseg all week though!

Fancy restaurant 1

We bought warm clothes and my hat is awesome

Sister Nelson’s language is really growing, but even more importantly her teaching skills are phenomenal. I’ve been helping her with her 42 principle notebook and she really knows how to connect with people. When her language fills in and she can say everything she wants to it’ll be so amazing. Even now she’s such a good teacher and I know it’ll come because she’s being so diligent.

Fancy restaurant 1

We went to a fancy restaurant

Fancy restaurant 2


I finally started trying to focus on taking to heart what the apostles seem to have been emphasizing all year about making sacrament more meaningful and it really really helps. I feel a lot more calm and know that through the Atonement I can be clean every week and every day, and learn little by little and change…it’s really a miraculous thing. This week I’ve been nearing the end of Jesus the Christ and I thought a lot about how before my mission I didn’t understand much about the Church. I didn’t realize that Christ is the focus and without Him none of this would be possible. I’ve come to love my Saviour so much more in the past 6 months.

Kid pic 1.JPG

PS I temporarily misplaced my recorder for the last two days so I’ll send my journal entries next week I guess.

I love you all!

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