Blast or lack thereof

I know that all you really want from me today is information about calling so I’ll appease you haha.

I got permission from President to use Google Hangouts instead of Skype because

  1. Skype is my arch-nemesis
  2. We can have multiple people in the chat so it doesn’t matter if you guys are far apart.

I can also just use my own account so we should all be friends already? Hopefully I remember my password?

I have two very important Christmas wishes regarding this call.

  1. I’d like to see my nephew who is probably ridiculously big and has no idea who I am.
  2. I’d like to better meet my future sister-in-law if possible?

I know the other kids probably have their own Christmas plans but please please join in the call if possible! I love you all!!!!!!!!!

As for the date and time. Let me know rapidly. I was really confused and so I haven’t signed up for a time yet. If I Skype late on Saturday night here then It’s will be around 5 in the morning on the 26th… If I wait until daytime on the 26th then it’ll be Sunday so we’d have to work around church and I’m not sure if it would be approved at all. Just let me know before my hour is up today please!!!!!!

Shanti and Bayrtsetseg

Y’all were talking me so much I didn’t upload recordings and now my comp is using it (she makes them too).

You can take a pic when we Skype and send it and just say I stayed in Onor. And Merry Christmas. Sorry.

Please watch this Christmas video:


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