The Little Drummer Boy

This feels a little weird because I just talked to y’all but oh well. FALCONER IS SO BIG! I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S WALKING WHAT DASIGHDASPILGHPGWHEGIPWIEGHEGP.

Shanti and her companion sang “Silent Night” when calling Shanti’s parents:

Christmas was pretty amazing. I actually really like it that Christmas isn’t really celebrated here. That means we can focus a lot more on Christ than on presents and Santa and shopping sales and a million concerts. I miss traditions and I think they’re important but the I really enjoyed the focus on the Savior’s birth for one year. We got to each everyone about the biggest miracle in the history of the world!

On Christmas we got up really early because we live far and went to the Baynzurh where we met (almost) all the missionaries from the mission. Since the mission covers the whole country I’m pretty sure this is the only time we’ll ever be all together. Unless like someone from the First Presidency comes.


We made little gift bags with toiletries and candy. Half of the mission went to an orphanage and the other half (including me) went out to almost the countryside. It was so beautiful. I can imagine what Antarctica looks like now and I kind of want to go see it. There was just snow snow snow and mountains in the distance. We visited gers where there were single moms with lots of children. It was probably the closest to tracting I’ll get because they didn’t know we were coming and when we walked in we said “Hello! We’re missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!” which was fun to get to do for once.



After that we had a really nice dinner of Indian food and then missionaries sang songs. It was pretty fun and we have some talented (and funny) elders and sisters.


President gave an amazing talk about how it’s not our gifts but how we give them that are important. He talked about the Little Drummer Boy who had nothing compared to gold and frankincense and myrrh but he played his best and Jesus smiled. I know that if we’re really giving our best we’re doing well enough.



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