Jump! I’ll catch you!


When I was a little kid my favourite thing was when my dad stood at the bottom of the stairs and said “Jump!”

I know I never doubted he would catch me, even if it was sometimes scary (and freaked out my mom). As I got older I’d jump from higher and higher stairs.


Sometimes Heavenly Father gives us assignments and we feel inadequate. At those times it’s like He’s standing there with His arms out saying “Jump!” The more we can have faith and trust that He’ll catch us the more we’re able to feel His love and get over our fears and enjoy life.

Eventually we get stronger and closer to Heavenly Father and it’s the most wonderful ting in the world. I’m being asked to jump a lot here. I still don’t understand everything that people say and my companion is only reading Preach My Gospel for the first time but we’re being asked to build this new area and find a teaching pool. She’s had to overcome a lot of fears (dogs, street contacting, teaching at all) but it’s been amazing to see how knowledge that you are called of God can help change you.



I love you all!


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