Finding Heavenly Father’s Lost Sheep

This week was amazing. I was able to let go of so much stress and spend some good time with my Father in Heaven after our talk on Monday and I decided to just let him teach me how to build the boat instead of worrying about the fact that I’ve never made one before. It’s pretty amazing what a blessing the Holy Ghost is.

One example

On Wednesday we did an STL switch and after we switched back there wasn’t much time. We were thinking about two different less active people to visit and even though one was far, both Zaya and I prayed and felt that we needed to go there. When we got there it was very dark and smoky. I had been there so many times but for some reason I couldn’t find it. I remembered a talk from conference that Sister Overson had shared in companion study. President Eyring’s dad couldn’t find the church building and prayed at every intersection. I decided to try that. I kept feeling that we needed to keep going forward. After a while I got kind of confused because I knew we had never walked that far going to her house. Then finally I felt like it was getting too late and we needed to cross the street to the bus stop and go home. I felt like I had failed to understand the Spirit and failed as a senior companion. There seemed to be no buses coming anytime soon and it was freezing, so we decided to wait in a store. As I crossed the doorway a very powerful feeling came and I knew there was someone we needed to talk to in this store. I told Zaya. After I bought some food Zaya said, “It’s that woman!” and indicated a woman waiting in line. She went up to her and said we were missionaries and we were lost and asked if she knew the area. She said she wasn’t from there but she said she used to go to a Christian church! I asked her what church as I got out one of the pass along cards with the churches on it. She pointed to the Enhtaiwan building and said “Well, I got baptized here and now I live in Songino ward.” We were shocked. She said she hadn’t been to church in 10+ years. She didn’t want to meet with us but I asked if I could come help make tsagaan csar buuz because I want to learn and she agreed. When we called her to follow up she said she was an RM! We went over to her house and ended up just talking for almost an hour. She has two little boys who have never seen the inside of the church, but the oldest just turned 8. We looked at her mission photos (St. Petersburg) and she opened up to us and got really friendly. I was scared but felt that I needed to tell her that I knew Heavenly Father had led us to her and it was time for her family to have the blessings of the Church. She started crying and told us about how she’d gotten offended and left. We talked for a while and I could tell she felt the spirit. She said she wasn’t ready to come back yet and worried about what people would think, but she wants us to come back and bring scriptures because hers got lost in a move.

When we left I said a prayer of thanks. It was certainly not my plan to find that woman but it was Heavenly Father’s! I love missionary work. It is a such a privileged to see miracles every day. I hope I can find ways to serve in the Church and my family for the rest of my life in ways that will help me continue to see God’s love for His children so constantly. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to be able to be His instruments.


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