Groundhog Day

New Companion Namuun.JPG

So Friday I got my new companion Namuun. I seriously felt like I went through a three week time warp as I went back to the Bayanzürkh building to pick her up, collected all her missionary materials and taught her the missionary schedule and rules. But it’s kind of nice to start training again from the beginning and try to improve from the last time.

She goes home in a week because she wants to have Tsagaan Sar at home so I’ll probably have mini missionary training take three this time next week. Just in time for Groundhog Day.

I’m still in Onor but now I have the apartment to myself. It’s so quiet and I have so much time in the mornings not having to share the bathroom and stuff….

So in my first house we didn’t have 2 mattresses, just a box spring, which hurt to sleep on. So I chose to sleep on the floor with blankets rather than be stabbed by metal. Then I moved into the apartment with four sisters and 2 beds. So I slept on the floor again. We had these pad things that folded up and were like an inch thick maybe. Basically the floor. Then I moved to another apartment which was only meant for 2 and we had four, so I continued sleeping on the floor. But this time they brought us thick pads that are maybe 5 or six inches and super comfy. So no worries. Now that the other sisters left I’m in a bed! It’s pretty weird actually. It’s been two nights and I still can’t sleep in a normal position. I could never fall asleep except lying on my side with my knees bent for as long as I remember, but to adapt to the floor I converted to sleeping on my stomachish because it’s softer and you don’t get weird sleeping bruises. Now I’m trying to switch back but it’s weird haha.

I’m excited for the holiday next week. I’m still trying to pull together a teaching pool. Namuun’s real mission call just got here so we’re going to go open it!


I love you all!


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