Not much happened this week. Namuun got called to Twin Falls, which means she’ll go to Idaho before I ever will. This week is Tsagaan Sar and I’m hanging out at my old apartment with Bayrtsetseg and her companion Otgonbileg. Eventually I’ll get a new companion I hope! It’s kind of weird managing the area totally alone but c’est la missionarie vie :)

Namuun Mission Call.JPG

Here’s Sister Namuun after we opened her mission call to Twin Falls, Idaho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Today I’ve been appreciating the talk “Yielding Your Heart to the Lord” Look it up!

Today I have a whole pday where I don’t have to teach English for the first and probably only time all school year.

Btsetseg: What should we do?
Me: I don’t know but it has to be something REALLY COOL. Maybe like find a cool museum or something?
Bt: Ew. Museums aren’t cool. They’re so boring! We should go shopping!
Me: (mocking her in the same tone of voice she used) The mall is definitely not cool. It’s so boring.
Otgonbilig: I know! We should go play sports!
Me: *sighhhhhhhhhhhhh* I’m way too nerdy for this apartment. *no one understands what I said*

So we’re going to go play basketball, but at least it’s not the mall.


The following concerns the date Shanti will return home from her mission:

“I think there should be a transfer date right in the middle of December—the 8th or 15th. I will work on it. But, I do not think you will go home early November. That is too early. I hope that helps.”—President Bensen

So I’ll be home for Christmas!


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