“‘Twas I, but ’tis not I”

Here’s the talk my subject is from. Finding it was totally an answer to prayer to help an investigator, but it ended up helping me and my companion even more, I think.


My new companion is Sister Kerby, and she’s been out four months. We’re super similar and it’s great. She’s from San Diego, so there’s been lots of reminiscing about beaches and Mexican food. And she’s half Dutch! So she not only didn’t judge me when I put sambal and muisjes on everything (not together), but got super excited that I have them! You guys should totally send us a package of krupuk and Indo spices for my birthday. They’re light, right? We’re in Han-Uul area, which feels like a different country. It’s rich and American and big city. Like skyscrapers and stuff. Half the signs or more are in English. My whole district is American, so I had my first District Meeting in English on Sunday. I feel like I’m back in the MTC. We’re even sleeping in bunk beds. It’s trippy.


Since we both have English, planning is crazy. I went on an exchange with Sister Wilkins, who I’d never met before. She’s so cool. She told me how she never had any desire to serve a mission (she’s super introverted, at least so she says) but she kept feeling it was right. One day she realized the line between getting what she wanted and getting to see and have a testimony of the Lord’s hand in her life was agency, so she put in her papers. She’s prayed her whole mission for desire. But she looked at me seriously and said, “Sister Roo, I can testify to you that I’ve seen the hand of the Lord in my life.” She reminds me of a pioneer. I know sometimes we need to do hard things we don’t want so we can see how much God loves us.

Here’s a bunch of scriptures I wrote in my planner to share and don’t have time to explain:

Mosiah 4:20
Alma 48:5—choose your friends wisely
D&C 110:6—we’re trying to build a temple here so I love it
D&C 71:6
Alma 32:13

Aw man there’s so much I want to say this week. Life is so good. Heavenly Father is blessing me so much.

Right now I’m working on picking one attribute of charity from Moroni 7:45 to work on each week.

opeajfeopjfewpjewpi I’m out of time but I love you all!


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