Hey so it’s only been 4 days since I last emailed you but it’s been very busy.  I’m now living with Sister Harker (the other STL) and her comp sister Tao across the street from the mission home in Senior couple apartments. It’s literally nicer there than anywhere I’ve lived in my life. But I’m still on the floor haha. We still work in Hanuul but I am about an hour away from the middle of our area and almost two from the smaller villagey places. Oh well. We are making it work! I love you all! Being an STL (Sister Training Leader) is crazy but I know it is what I need to stretch and grow. We have more sisters than Elders so we almost have to do more than the zone leaders haha. Anyway I’m excited, especially because it means I can go to the countryside. Happy Easter! Be thankful you live somewhere it’s celebrated! (not even one mention at church yesterday)


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