I was a stranger—I think this is awesome!


Well I forgot my study notes which were awesome, but oh well. Next week I guess.


First off, I feel a lot, a lot better than I did last week. I realized I was making some mistakes which were dragging me down and I’m ready to hit the pavement again (or lack thereof).


Conference was great. If you haven’t watched it all, do. Then make a list of all the invitations that were in there. This is the first year I’ve done that and I think the first step to heeding the prophet’s council is just identifying what it is.


Here are some reasons it was a great week:

  1. I focused on exercising effectively, eating healthy and all the things I was physically able to do. I think feeling physically good is a lot more connected to emotionally than most people remember. It’s nice to just run and realize you are capable of doing hard things.
  2. I put all the things that reminded me of home in a bag and had Sister Kerby hide it somewhere in the apartment. I realized my mental escape hatch for bad feelings was thinking of home, which only made me want to go there more.
  3. I sang hymns. Out loud. It’s a great place for thoughts to go.
  4. We focused on just having one really good lesson a day. We made a goal that no matter what we’d find someone to teach. Even when there were complications and it had to be just members, it feels great to share your testimony.
  5. I talked to my Heavenly Father. I just talked to him in my head about a lot of things. I always felt peace. I saw a lot of miracles. We got to teach two MP age men we’d never taught before.
  6. I really searched for answers to my questions instead of just random interesting topics. I prepared really well for conference and I got more out of it than I ever have.
  7. I thought a lot about change in small steps and the Atonement. I’ve used it’s power and His love to change before and now is no exception. I know I can do this!

I’m still taking it day by day in trying to stay calm but I know it’s going to be okay. I love Mongolia. The wind and the sky and the sun are lifting my spirits a lot.


President had me start working on two lists.


“And now, I ask, what great blessings has he bestowed on us? Can ye tell?” Alma 26:3

  1. I am sealed to people I love for eternity!
  2. I know the truth that will lead me back to my Father and eternal joy!
  3. I have the opportunity to be in Mongolia and serve and love God’s children here.
  4. I have been forgiven and changed through the Atonement of Christ.
  5. I have support from friends on the mission and at home.
  6. I got back into BYU!
  7. Even though the world is getting crazier and crazier, we have living prophets and apostles to keep us focused on the truth.

What lack I not

  1. Access to the temple in under 3 hours (at home.)
  2. Good dental care.
  3. An oven!
  4. A house free from mildew and mold.
  5. Education about food safety.
  6. Excellent education that teaches critical thinking skills.
  7. Religious freedom.
  8. Clean, sterile hospitals.
  9. A mother and a father
  10. Enough support from my parents that I never had to take care of younger siblings at age 9.

It was a good exercise and I’m going to keep adding to it. I encourage you to do the same!


Shanti made these for her apartment:



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