I don’t even know what to say about this week. So many completely ridiculous things happened. But it’s been a lesson in just laughing at out lives and having fun with it. For example:

  • We didn’t have water for three days and showered from freezing water bottles. Apparently that’s probably going to be a thing off and on all summer.
  • 4 dogs ran and tried to attack my companion and I and we threw rocks at them until they went away.
  • During the water out Sister Harker filled up a huge bottle of water which fell on her foot and broke her toe.
  • I went on a split to Jargalant which consists entirely of ridiculous hills and then we went the wrong way and climbed the wrong mountain twice.
  • My entire bag got stolen, but we ran after him and got it back with everything still inside it. And I restrained myself from punching him because it didn’t seem very Christlike.
  • We showed up to district meeting and all the lights were off and two light up portable speakers were blasting a Mongolian instrumental song and flashing disco lights. I love our Elders haha…(The topic was “Be Positive” and they just told us we should be more ridiculous more often and have fun on our missions instead of being Super Stressed Sisters).
  • General craziness trying to deal with the ward split and new ward mission leader and leadership stuff.

But it’s also been a really spiritual week with lots of lessons. I am so glad we are teaching almost 100% families now. That is the way to enter this gospel. That is the way to progress and endure to the end. I never ever want to be content with just teaching individuals and not trying for families again on my mission.


We got locked out :C

My spiritual thought for the week is about being positive too. One night I was having trouble sleeping because I was really stressed out about something. I knew I just needed to have faith he Lord would take care of things but sometimes even when you know it is still hard to relax and not think about stressful things. I realized I needed to replace it with happy things rather than just trying not to think. So I just started thinking about things that make me happy, as many as I could think of—not like a list but imagining what the thing is actually like. The color blue, sleeping next to the ocean, bare feet in mud, spinning around with twirly dresses, ladybugs crawling on my hand, hugs from my kindergartners, looking up at Captain Moroni on the temple, the sky in Khovd, etc. It turns out the song “My Favourite Things” is pretty true after all because I went to sleep pretty fast after that.


I think Satan tries to convince us sometimes that because something bothers us we need to think only about that and be miserable for a long time. But we still have agency. It’s hard sometimes to stop but bad thoughts can’t stay around long in the presence of happy ones.

“It’s always better to be happy than to be sad, no matter what Satan tries to tell you.” [:

Always better to be happy.jpeg

By the way that quote is from one of the emails Brandon sent home on his mission which I then made a poster out of because I liked it.

I love you all!


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