Conferences upon Conferences

“Thanks for the report…I will try to do so soon.

You are doing okay, Sister. Don’t worry about the hiccup this week. It is okay. ‘Twas an adventure.”


That was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally nice to hear after the getting locked out incident (It happened twice in a row). I’m going to miss president a lot.


So this week we taught 3 lessons. And one of them was to our bishop’s 1st counselor.

Thursday we had a mission conference style meeting and professors from BYU Hawaii, Idaho, and Provo came and taught us. It was pretty awesome. I didn’t realize just how much I was craving academic level input haha. I’m a nerd.


Friday and Saturday was the English Symposium. It was a huge event with hundreds of Mongolian English teachers coming for training. What a cool opportunity… this mission is so unique. Here are the materials if you want to check it out.


Saturday and Sunday was Stake conference. Selbe split into 2 and Jargalant became a ward. So we have 8 wards and one branch in our stake. Hopefully if we get a few more MPs we can split the stake before I go home! And the other big announcement was the east district became a stake! So we’ve got 2 out of the projected 4 stakes by 2019. Exciting stuff. The work here is crazy. And all of our investigators came!

I just felt really happy this week to be here and be having this experience. There’s nothing in the world like the UB mission.


Also, in other exciting news, congratulations to my brother who got married!!!!!!! I love you Robert and Diana!


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