Be a doer of the word, not a hearer only


Okay, I don’t have much time because I wrote President Harper a long letter introducing myself and how the work is going in my zone and area. But this has been a great week.



I got to go on a split back to Han-Uul recently and see my old investigator Bayrjobxlon and his family. They are the only complete family I’ve ever taught on my mission. He has taught me so much about the Restoration. He has spent his life going to different Christian churches, reading the Bible, and searching for truth. He was careful at first when he met us but was quickly touched by the Spirit, worked to do the things necessary to get an answer, and now has a testimony that this is the true church. I was able to teach him the Word of Wisdom when I was there. He’s been drinking coffee for a long time, but he said he would give it up and God would help him. He even let me take all the coffee that was in his house with me and throw it away. He’s a great example of what I want to talk about in this blast!




We didn’t do any splits this week, but I’m constantly in awe of how awesome my companion is. She’s helped me develop a real love for the Bible and be more anxiously engaged in the work. She’s the example and reason why I’ve been learning so much about faith and works this week. When she came on her mission she was very introverted. Now she talks to everyone. Her language is amazing. I want to be more diligent and faithful and overcome my fears about speaking by trusting that Heavenly Father will help me.



Mission Stuff

  • We will finish our English course next week. It’s been super fun and I’ve learned a lot. Teaching adults is fun too. Next week we might go on a hike with one of our students.
  • President Harper came today!
  • Ariunzaya and Namuun are starting their missions here until they get visas!


Mini MTC

We got to teach a mini one day MTC to several new missionaries. They have been called to America but haven’t received their visas, so they are starting their missions here. Two of them, Namuun and Ariunzaya, were my mini missionaries!



I’d like to invite you all to study Ether 3 (my favourite Book of Mormon story) and James 1-2. Studying those in combination this week has totally opened my eyes to a new view of the gospel. James talks about really being changed by the word by putting your faith in action, and the brother of Jared is a perfect example of it. He made a plan to carve stones, diligently and carefully fulfilled it, then took it to the Lord in prayer, accounted for his efforts, and asked the Lord to bless them. I know that as we follow this pattern the gospel with actually start to work in our lives as a source of continual strength and not a checklist of difficult things to do.

These are also cool resources:

Chucking the Church Checklist

Converted to His Gospel through His Church



So my invitation to you is to

  1. Think back on the last church meeting you sat in (probably today and make a goal based on something you learned.
  2. Tell someone (spouse, parent, etc) so you can be accountable.
  3. Do it to the best of your ability.
  4. Give an accounting to the Lord and ask him to bless your efforts.
  5. Become a doer of the word and truly receive the blessings of change and improvement in the gospel!

I know that as we work in faith we truly will be blessed. Heavenly Father loves us. Jesus Christ already paid the price of our shortcomings and provided a means whereby we can learn and improve. We’ve been given the scripture and meetings as ways to learn God’s word, and as we apply it we can truly prepare to meet God and be like Him. That is our ultimate goal—enjoying eternal life as God lives with our families forever. I promise that this blessing will come to you as you make a sincere effort to come unto Christ and strengthen your talents and improve your weaknesses. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister Shanti de Ruyter


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