A Delightful Day….


I said “silly picture!” and then no one did it but me. I’d call language barrier but my companion is supposedly fluent in English…

It’s been a great week!

We got our new mission President Harper! He had a mini Zone conference with us. It was really weird saying goodbye and I thought President Benson could never be replaced, but it seriously took five minutes of President Harper talking for me to feel a pretty powerful confirmation that he was called of God. He gave us the invitation to think of one way we could make the Sacrament more meaningful to us, which was perfect to study this week.


Our area is doing great, although because it’s summer we’ve had problems with people going to the countryside and doing election work and stuff, so we’re teaching all our new members about the Sabbath. I really like teaching everyone one lesson in a week and getting to study it really well and focus on adapting it to them rather than learning the content.


Anyway one cool experience was with Dawaajargal, Narangaraw’s mom. She just got a new job and works on Sundays. We went over and challenged her to talk to her boss and if she says no, to quit her job and look for another. She took it really well and knew it was right. She’s an amazing lady. I hope it went well!


I’ve realized this week how important the Sabbath is. It’s through the sacrament that we have the opportunity to keep changing, becoming clean, and eventually perfect like our Father in Heaven. That’s the entire purpose of our life! So there’s nothing more important on our calendar…


The spirit of the rest of the day matters too. The important thing to remember is making an effort to positively focus on God, not just get rid of negative things. This protects us every week just as much as following the word of wisdom and other big commandments. When we let ourselves slack in that area it’s really easy to forget our eternal perspectives and fall prey to temptation.


So here are my invitations for the week.

  1. Watch some Bible Videos next Sunday because they are great! And they’re a good way to replace distracting media.
  2. Think of one way you can make the Sacrament more meaningful (could be during Sacrament or just keeping the rest of the day holy)!

I know these things will bless you individually and as families and you will be open to more revelation!


Anyway, life is great. I love my companion. I’m super happy. I love Unur and I love being able to understand and speak and have my companion do the same. We are working hard and being happy!

P.S. We might go to Khovd next week!


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