Enduring to the End


So for Zone Training last week the elders shared the story of Moroni finishing the Book of Mormon. In Moroni 1 you realize that he had never planned to add his own book to the Book of Mormon. He basically said something like, “well, I’m not dead yet, so I guess I’ll keep adding stuff on.” In those chapters he added we find a lot of really important stuff: my favourite chapter on charity, clarification and prayers for how to do various gospel ordinances, and probably most importantly, Moroni’s promise. If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t really know how to use the Book of Mormon as a confirmation of the truth that Christ is our Redeemer and this is His church.


So I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to use the remainder of my time here and making goals. For example, I’m trying to finish the mission library in English and the Book of Mormon in Mongolian. I mapped it all out and have been reading the Old Testament every spare second I get on the bus haha. Even though that’s a simple thing, it’s nice to plan out a daily goal and see yourself sticking to it. It helps you know you can accomplish bigger and more abstract goals. Of course I have a lot of those too, but my invitation this week is to make a little goal that you’ve been wanting to try, and stick to it. It’s amazing how fast little things add up. For example, I made a goal to memorize 5 words a day from the Book of Mormon a week ago and now I know 35 words I didn’t before.  As you set good goals and take them to the Lord in prayer He will help you make them happen!



My day in Selbe! It was fun to go back. Oyunchimeg was reactivated and set a temple goal! And the other is the member Naraa who wants to learn English and move to Canada.

This week we had two new investigators come to church for the first time. They live like 15 minutes walking from the bus stop in missionary speed. And they have little kids and a baby. So we were really happy a member offered to drive them. I love seeing families come to church!


I love you all and hope all is well at home!



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