Yummy [picture update]


The Chinese pull the stinger off and suck out the meat from the butt.



Our friend Emma! [on the left] She’s a renewable energy engineer and building a solar power plant in Darhan. Brother Boyd was her missionary!

img_0245img_0251Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Here’s what’s new:

  • I’m serving in Sansar, so it’s back to the middle of the city with no ger districts
  • Sister Hawkins is my companion and fellow STL!
  • Elder Funk came to visit!

Elder Funk talked a lot about setting goals in faith and making plans. This is really important. Many times we don’t stretch ourselves. We plan based off what we’ve seen happen in the past and what we are totally confident will happen in the future. Sometimes we have to have a little more faith though. We need to trust in the Lord and put things in His hands. I think it was a good reminder for the future. Whether I like it or not, I’m going home soon and I have to believe that the Lord will help me do hard hard things. I challenge you to think bigger and remember the power the Lord has. The very Creator of the universe wants to help you succeed.

I love you all!!!


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