The Lord’s Pattern


So I have a lot of disjointed thoughts this week.

First of all, we got a new companion, Sister Jensen. She’s in Sister Kerby’s group, so it’s pretty fun. We are having the best lessons of my mission. I can’t even describe to you how much I love teaching. And there are so many miracles coming out of nowhere. We have referrals coming out of our ears right now haha. No time to even contact everybody.


Our awesome apartment and goals! The poster is for our zone sisters to find 32 new investigators this month. We got another last night!


We also have a chain of questions on how to help our future family after the mission that we study and talk about each day.

Sister Hawkins and I got to be part of a meeting with Sister Jessica McGovern who is heading up our joint efforts with BYU’s English Learning Center to produce a curriculum that is easy for missionaries all over the world to use with no training. The gospel and English are really going places! Over on you can find the talk “The Lord’s Pattern” by Elder Clark. At about 14 minutes he talks about the program. It’s super cool knowing we got to be part of something talked about in devotional.


This is one of my favourite statues.  We found a section that spells “MTC Багш” or “MTC teacher”

Being STL is also awesome. I love my zone so much. We are making awesome things happen as a zone with faith.


Trio with Sister Jensen!


Anyway General Conference for you guys is next week and I’ve been studying talks from the last one and getting excited. It’s really beautiful to marvel at God’s plan for us. I invite you all to ponder the plan God has for you as you listen!


Picture with Suhbaatar Ah. He has the best toothless smile. He’s practically deaf but a fantastically adorable old man who basically lives in the church building.


Adorable kid playground


We actually found a Mongolian Barbeque in Mongolia. The world is ending.

I love you all and can’t wait to see you soon!

(Sister Jensen sent enough pictures so you can look at those haha.)


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