Clear Roads Ahead


Burger King.


So a lot of craziness has happened in our mission lately. Two of my favourite people and former companions had family emergencies and ended their missions early. We also had another little emergency transfer and I was in a trio for a while. Even still, the work and the English teaching and the zone conferences go on.

On the other hand, surrounding all of those events there are so many tender mercies that you can see if you know where to look. When you pay attention to things you can be grateful for and ways the Lord is supporting you life is really beautiful.


This is Monhtaiwan who just got back from temple square! She trained Sister Gantulga who was in my MTC group!


For example, this is kind of a silly tiny thing but Sister Hawkins and I have noticed that every time we go to cross the big scary Mongolian road where pedestrians totally don’t have the right of way, it has been somehow perfectly clear for us. Every time for almost a whole week! It’s a nice little reminder that feels like the Lord is saying “I’m still here. I still love you. I’m clearing the path before my missionaries.” Also it helps me not die.




My trio with Sister Jensen and Sister Hawkins


Us eating Mongolianized Korean food. There are better Korean places, but this place was like the Panda Express of Korean food.

Anyway, I challenge you this week to look beyond the apparent problems and trials this week. The Lord may need you to learn from them or respect others’ agency or otherwise can’t or won’t remove them from you. But He can and IS ACTIVELY giving you tender mercies to buoy you up. He is helping you in every little way imaginable, even with as small things as crossing the road. I promise you that if you look you will see! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.



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