So life is awesome.

Baynzurh is basically Unur on the other side of the city (outskirts and ger districts and practically countryside) and it’s incredible, or so I hear. I haven’t really gotten out far that much yet but I’m excited.

On Saturday we had a sisters only training about Unity, Gratitude, Faith, and Hard Work. I have a lot to say about that but the main thing I got out of it is that we ave 100% agency to control our thoughts and therefore our emotions and attitudes. Maybe you can’t choose what initially comes in but you can put it through a filter, identify what’s coming from from Satan, and throw it out by rewriting it. You have a lot more control of your life than you think.

Now cool story time. Oyunchimeg has been an investigator for two years now. She is still married to her ex-husband legally but has since started a family with another man who is awesome and interested in the church and wants to marry her. The problem has been getting the divorce paperwork because they couldn’t find the man. But anyway, I was feeling a lot before transfer that one of my main goals was to teach my companion and myself about faith. Sometimes we go through life just taking what is handed to us and trying to be good and we forget we have innate power to make things happen by faith. So we decided to do an experiment and pray and ask for something good, and work all we can to make it happen.

So as we did big plan we saw her name and I knew that would be our experiment. Then she talked to the bishop and it turns out that her husband is now in jail so he is pretty easy to track down! And we set a baptismal date of 12/3. We are fasting and praying she will be able to get everything worked out legally. I am so excited! Miracles happen! I love you all!


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