30 Days Hath November

And also Sister Ruu.



I am ridiculous.



Life is going crazy fast!

Not much to report this week. The work is going. Things are great. I feel like I’ve gotten to the part of my mission where nothing much is new anymore, or at least not in a way I can’t handle, so I’m emotionally just having a blast with it.

Nothing new except that I feel like an octogenarian. Every joint in my body is aching like crazy. I don’t understand. But I just need to push through for another month and I’ll see you all again and rest and the world will be even lovelier. I don’t know how physically up to stuff I’m going to be though.

Let me know if you think I’m sick or I’m just a missionary that’s been in Mongolia for 14 months. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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