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Going on a mission means no Facebook, no texting, and no calls from friends.  If you would like to write me while I’m on my mission you can send me emails at

Because I’m 15-16 hours ahead of most of you, when I have email time on Pday (sometime during Monday for me) it’ll be Sunday evening/night for you, so don’t freak out if I write to you then.

If you’d like to send snail mail or packages, you can send them to the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission Home address and they’ll eventually get to me.  Sending stuff to the mission home is usually safest because I might not be living where you send your letters to anymore by the time they get there.

Sister Shanti de Ruyter
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission
Баянзүрх дүүрэг, 1 хороо
Токио гудамж 6
Улаанбаагар 13381

I recommend printing out that address unless you want to practice your Cyrillic :)

Sending through DearElder may be easier because you don’t have to write out the address.  However, you will still have to pay the amount of international postage required to send a letter as if you had printed it yourself ($1.20) and you will need to sign up for a DearElder account.  You can send me a letter through DearElder at

Select the mission (Mongolia Ulaanbaatar) and click “Write a Letter.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 2.13.55 PM

Then, fill out the required information and write your message! If you like you can copy and paste from somewhere else rather than type in a tiny box.

Thanks for writing!


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